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Introducing SuperSpeedBlazer


✓ Fast & easy to use. No more wasting time and money installing Boot Camp, Parallels and Windows on your Mac

✓ BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) capable: Plug SSB into any PC (Windows or Mac), and boot up to the same Windows desktop

✓ No more disk space on your computer? Now you can save disk space with SSB

✓ Want to play Windows-only games on your Mac? SSB supports DirectX and let you play games like PUBG and Overwatch on your Mac

✓ Takes only 5 seconds! Copying 4GB movie from SSB to computer

Googling to find out "How to install Windows on your Mac?" Watched "Boot Camp installation" clips again and again on YouTube?

Just plug SSB and use. Windows 10, Boot Camp, exFAT are all pre-installed.

Want to boot up to the same Windows desktop at home? Work? Bermuda?

Does not matter which computer (Mac or PC) you plug in SSB, computer will boot up to the same Windows you been using. Especially it's an excellent choice if you are security concern, paranoid about your personal information, or even just have to travel from one office to another with any regularity.

Just 10 Seconds, turn your Mac into Windows!

Just plug in USB port then press power on with option key and select EFI Boot.

Are you tired of managing your disk space?

Running Windows, Boot Camp, Parallels and some Windows games from SSB will free minimum 60GB of your internal disk.

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SuperSpeedBlazer is the fastest USB memory in the world. To enhance the convenience of Mac users, Boot Camp and Windows are pre-installed, starting with the WADIZ campaign. (https://wadiz.kr/web/campaign/detail/23550)

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