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Regarding Usage

Question:  How do I use SSB on my Mac?
Answer: Just plug in USB port then press power on with option key and select EFI Boot.

Question:  I am using a Type-C model. Can I use it in with a smartphone or other tablets?
Answer: The current file system consists of NTFS + EFI for booting, so if you use it on a smart phone or other device, you have to change it to exFAT or another file system. In this case, window function will be lost.


Question: I lost my data. What should I do?
Answer: We do not provide data recovery. If the hardware is defective, we will exchange it through warrant service. (except for consumer fault)


Question: USB boot does not work on x86 PC. What should I do?
Answer: SSB is provided by x86 PC in CSM or Legacy mode. You also need to disable Secure Boot. For more information, please contact your PC manufacturer regarding BIOS setup for USB booting.


Question: Will it work on my Chromebook?
Answer: It is possible to run on some of Intel or x86 CPU based Chromebooks but you must have to remove the 'write protect screw' by opening the case for EFI booting with change to the custom BIOS. (you need to check if you have Intel CPU and Windows driver support)


Question: I want to install Linux on the SSB. Is it possible?
Answer: You can delete the OS installed in SSB and install it. At this time, the Windows To Go and Boot Camp functions will be lost, and TRIM and other settings must be done by yourself.


Question: Can SSB support USB 2.0 too? What is SSB’s performance via USB 2.0?

Answer: Mac Pro 2009 models works with USB 2.0. Regarding SSB’s speed with USB 2.0, please check below video clip. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3LiXbjIaeI)

Regarding Technical

Question: I am using a 2015 Macbook Pro. Sound driver not recognized on SSB What should I do?
Answer: Problems with some of the SSB announcements are already known. Apple recommends that you use the BootCamp update to fix the problem or use a USB external sound card.​


Question: Windows system files are damaged. How can I restore to factory defaults?
Answer:  There is no separate recovery tool available. However, if you want to recover, please return it to us and we will send it back to you again. We offer the service for free (Return and receipt of shipping is paid by the buyer).


Question: Is TRIM function set by default?
Answer: Yes. By default, the TRIM function is enabled. However, you have to apply it in your custom OS.


Question: Will Windows updates be ongoing?
Answer: Windows minor updates will continue until Microsoft stop them, but major updates are not available for Windows To Go functionality. This is Microsoft's policy.


Question: I want to major Windows update. What should I do?                        
Answer: We provide the latest OS build and latest Boot Camp Driver according to the time of production. If you send us the product, we will make the upgrade free of charge. (Please send personal data after backup. Personal data will be erased and factory reset.)


Question: I receive a message that I can not use the Internet after connected to WiFi after booting from another Mac. How do I fix this?
Answer: The same problem will occur when using the same environment through a boot camp on a Mac. This is a problem in some network environments and can be used after Apple updates its drivers.


Question: Are all boot camp problems resolved? For example, problems with sound output and WiFi connection, etc.
Answer: This issue is a driver issue from Apple that is not related to Windows 10. It can be solved only through Boot Camp update provided by Apple.


Question: Can I delete the Boot Camp folder?
Answer: Some functions may not work if you delete them. For example, the touch bar and the driver may not work properly.


​Question: I like to purchase SSB Type-A and use a gender for using on Type-C port. Is there going to be speed reduction when I use SSB this way?

Answer: As you can see from below test clip, speed of SSB does not reduce while using gender (from Type-A to Type-C). Type-A and Type-C is just the matter of its shape, nothing related with its performance. The speed of USB depends on its version and this is why SSB supports most updated version, USB 3.1 Gen2 (10Gbps / 1,000MB/s). (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3LiXbjIaeI)

Regarding License

Question: I have an unused Windows 10 Pro license. Can I use it on SSB with that license?
Answer: Yes you can, Activate with your Windows 10 Pro version license.


Question: I have installed an MS-Office license and other applications on SSB. Is there a licensing issue when I use it on another computer?
Answer: SSB enforces Windows To Go's licensing policy. The SSB-installed license is for SSB only and may be used elsewhere.


Question: Can my Windows 10 Home edition license key activate SSB’s Windows To Go feature?

Answer: SSB provides two editions (Pro and Enterprise) and if you select Pro edition, then you can use Home edition’s license key for activating Pro’s Windows To Go feature—but need to make small modification on registry of Windows on SSB.


Question: How the features of Home, Pro and Enterprise edition’s Windows To Go different from one another?

Answer: Each edition of Windows has different security related features as below:


Question: Will SSB provide Windows 10 Home edition as an option to choose from?

Answer: SSB will contact the backers for checking the current postal address and will also check those who wants to use Windows 10 Home edition license key for their convenient SSB usage.


Question: Why SSB does not sell with Windows license?

Answer: SSB is in the process of dealing license with Microsoft. SSB you have backed is the first version of SSB deliver to you via Indiegogo and SSB has plans to come up with various packages for sales. If any of you know direct contact information of Mr. Bill Gates or Mr. Satya Nadella, please introduce SSB to them.


Question: Can MS-Office be installed on SSB?

Answer: Yes. As you can see from the test clip, most of the applications that supports Windows 10 can be installed and used on SSB.


Question: Can I plug SSB to multiple PCs and use applications installed on SSB? Are there any license issues?

Answer: The purpose of Windows To Go is to use same desktop settings and applications on different PCs through USB-connected external drives like SSB. Applications installed on SSB have no license issues when SSB is plug to multiple PCs.

Regarding Others

Question: I want to receive an OEM supply. What should I do?

Answer: Please email us cs-ssb@david-sr.com