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Issue tracking

How to install on the A1990 or A1989

Apple's A1990 and A1998 models have problems with initial setup for SSB.

  - Please follow the steps below.

  1. Download the SSB driver from the link below. (Mac and PC)


  2. Save downloaded folder to SSB system area or (drive C) or exFAT*

     *If you download from MacOS, please save it to exFAT.

  3. Plug SSB into the USB port and start EFI booting (Power + Option key)

  4. Find the saved the folder and in Windows Explorer. (\BootCamp\BootCamp-091-97136\BootCamp)

  5. Installation proceeds in repair mode (it may take a long time during the installation process)

  6. Reboot (error may occur several times during the boot process / reboot to continue until the window is running normally)

  7. After checking the touchpad and keyboard operation normally, proceed to the default setting.  

The process is simple but it can take a lot of time.

Custom support for the A1708 or A1932

 - For A1708 or A1932, please contact us at cs-ssb@david-sr.com


How do I disable to Major Update on the SSB?

 - Please following to below three steps and The Home Version does NOT have the ability to prevent major updates.

    #1 Going to the Windows Settings


    #2 Click on the Update & Security

    #3 Change to setting on the 'Choose when updates are installed'

Custom support for the A1466 or A1369

 - For A1466, please following as below steps.

   1. Boot from SSB on another PC or another Mac.

   2. Save the attached file to the desktop and unzip it.


   3. Double-click to run the A1466.reg file.

   4. Plug SSB into the A1466 and press the Power key and the Option key to select EFI booting.

   *More information

     Note that the A1466 is no longer supported by Apple Inc for Windows 10.

     The cause of the problem is that the Intel driver used by the model and problems after the Windows Update is in progress.

     The A1466 sound driver is not working properly yet. If the issue is resolved, we will update.


Custom support for old Mac's sound issue

 - For older Macs, the sound driver may not work. 

    Contact us at CS-ssb@david-sr.com and we'll help you solve the problem through remote assistance.